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theBasics offers SMS Services, Development and Product and much more.


thebasics advantage

we believe that "people are the key of any business". It is the quality of our people and their character, ownership, philosophy and style, that most distinguishes theBasics from any other firm in this business. Our every employee receives a technical and customer service training to ensure that you always receive technical, accurate and friendly responses.

We see the world through our clients' eyes, and from their point of view .We are unassuming and down-to-earth. We are confident and experienced. We are able to reach our ambition - satisfy and delight our customers.

We are objective and candid. We are not afraid to say "we don't know," and we are not too proud to look for the right solution, wherever we can find it. We tell it like it is, good or bad. And we keep our word.

we combine the best of the technologist and with best of the strategist, we understanding every technology initiative should be driven by strategy and that every business opportunity has technology implications.

in today's world nobody has all the answers. Sometimes Problems are too complex, too global, and too big. Either you bring together the expertise you need, from multiple sources, or you lose. For that, we hire and recruit people who think collaboratively.

And lastly, we believe in long term relationships and partnerships. We believe in growing with our clients and that is why theBasics client portfolio is a mix of some little known companies and as well as some global brands.

Advantages of theBasics technologies

Take advantage of the most trustworthy reliable and affordable IT service provider company in India - theBasics ,offering you with all the resources, tools and features needed to launch a business and make your business successful.

Our entire services include the following

Highly reliable, affordable and trustworthy services.

Live Chat.

24 * 7/365 online technical support.

Our clients include business from industry like IT solutions & consultancy organizations, multimedia and games, Corporate, finance, beverage, E-commerce, travel and tourism, E-learning, NGOs, Government organizations etc.

In case of any query, do feel free to contact us and our customer service executives shall assist you.


I am so glad to hire thebasics digital solution. They have team of experts and loyal developers. Services are much reliable and have a great pricing. Highly recommended by me!

theBasics Client, Prachi Jain

I am happy to work with thebasics digital solution. They do very much hard work to complete my project. They do changes in website as much as time I say. They had great communication with me. In future also I want to do work with them only.

theBasics Client, Divya sharma

It was my pleasure to found thebasics digital solution. The team helps me a lot in developing my online business. I really enjoyed working with them

theBasics Client, Sagar Sancheti

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