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Business check in

thebasics offers you a smarter and easier way to keep track on your sales executive and business developer with our new launched application designed exclusively for smart business.

With this application you can keep track on your employees and know the exact position of employees. It gives you complete details like where the person is right now, how much time he spent on that palace. It also helps you to track incoming and outgoing calls of the employees.

This app is useful for both company and employee as well. Employee use it for know about the details of the place where he want to go. It shows the path to the employee and helps them to search their target position.

Employees just have to click on check-in button with name and place and manger know about their current position, on other hand employees original position also get traced by our app.

Just install our application in your android phone and take benefits of the following:

Helps employee to search routes

Helps manger to keep employees information

Prevent loss by fraud employees

Know original position of employees

Increase work efficiency of employees

Save time and money of the company


I am so glad to hire thebasics digital solution. They have team of experts and loyal developers. Services are much reliable and have a great pricing. Highly recommended by me!

theBasics Client, Prachi Jain

I am happy to work with thebasics digital solution. They do very much hard work to complete my project. They do changes in website as much as time I say. They had great communication with me. In future also I want to do work with them only.

theBasics Client, Divya sharma

It was my pleasure to found thebasics digital solution. The team helps me a lot in developing my online business. I really enjoyed working with them

theBasics Client, Sagar Sancheti

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